Meet the XtraOrdinary Women

Meet the XtraOrdinary Women who have gone through our job training programs and entrepreneurship bootcamps thanks to the support of our donors. These women were living in cycles of extreme poverty and domestic violence prior to their participation.

They decided to flip their odds for brighter, happier, and self-sustaining futures. In our training programs they learn about self-esteem, finances, teamwork, conflict resolution, and job preparation. Once they graduate, they receive support in finding a stable job through our employment partners in Nicaragua, and search support for job openings online. We believe that the right opportunity can empower a woman to become XtraOrdinary.

The women you are empowering in 2022

Managua - XtraOrdinary Women Center

Bootcamp for XO Entrepreneurs

After the success of the Regional Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs supported by SICA/OPESCA, we’re back to support Nicaraguan businesswomen, through our emblematic Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs. In this edition, 17 women from different parts of the country we’re benefited. These entrepreneurs struggled to make ends meet and provide a decent life for their families; they signed up looking for an opportunity to elevate their small businesses and break the cycle of poverty they have lived and flip their odds. In this educational space, the participants learned to structure their finances, create a quality and hygiene control process, recognize the strengths and opportunities for their entrepreneurships, build a commercial identity for their business, and create sales strategies on different platforms.


Managua - XtraOrdinary Women Center

XO Job Skill Training

XO Job Skill Training is back! 33 hours of training and 22 benefited women was the result of our first workshop of the year, women who have not had the opportunity to have their economic independence decided to flip their possibilities and enroll in this educational space. They learned to strengthen and develop their soft skills, accepting themselves, looking for job offers on different platforms and preparing for job interviews, planning their income, having goals and dreams.

In the photo: (Left) Belinda Barquero - Facilitator and Psychologist (Right) Marjorie Velásquez - Beneficiary

Upcoming workshops

  • February – March – XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training
  • May – August – Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs (1st round)
  • September – December – Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs (2nd round)


The women you empowered in 2021

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Regional Bootcamp for XO Entrepreneurs

Our first Regional Bootcamp was carried out jointly with SICA/OSPESCA and the Republic of China-Taiwan. This was in order to contribute to the strengthening of entrepreneurship skills and soft skills of women beneficiaries of the project: Integration of the Value Chain in Fishing and Aquaculture (INCAVPESCA) in the countries of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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Bootcamp for XO Entrepreneurs

This workshop supported by the LATA Foundation focused on supporting a group of small businesswomen in Masaya, the heart of the artisanal industry in Nicaragua. These businesswomen suffered serious economic consequences due to the socio-political crisis in 2018, followed by the pandemic in 2020.

The women you empowered in 2020

Managua - center 'Casa Emilia'

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Scholarship holders during 'communication' workshops in the practice of theoretical exercises. We ran these workshops in 'Casa Emilia' during the month of March.

Upcoming workshops

  • March – April – XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training
  • May – Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs
  • June – July XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training
  • August-September – XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training
  • Octure – November – Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs

The women you empowered in 2019

Managua - the center of 'XtraOrdinary Women

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Here are some of the participants in our class of 2019 working on the development of their social skills, communication skills, professional attributes and emotional intelligence with Silvia, our Community Coordinator (last left), and Belinda, our psychologist (last right).

Managua - the center of 'XtraOrdinary Women

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Scholarship holders during our job preparation workshop, in interview practice, in which they are prepared with exercises suitable for current personnel selection processes.

Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas - Nicaragua

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

35 hours. 20 women. Participants of our training program focused on local entrepreneurship in Bilwi-Puerto Cabezas for afrodescendant women in Nicaragua, to empower them to break the cycles of violence and economic dependence in which they live. Together with our partner Health Poverty Action, this program has been successful.

Managua - feat organization 'Mujer Imagen'

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Our class during the communication workshop. This group was organized and trained in alliance with the organization 'Mujer Imagen'.

Monimbó, Masaya - Nicaragua

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

The course combines our signature work readiness program, with financial and life planning elements focused on conflict resolution. Each section was based on based on each individual's needs and to build on each woman's individual strengths, as well as her business potential.

Managua, Nicaragua

'Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs'

Our 'Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs' was created to provide an opportunity for women who have started small businesses because they cannot find employment options, want to grow their businesses, and have a stable income.

Our goals in 2020

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