It's all about XtraOrdinary Love...

Yours can change a woman's life and the lives around her.

In the month of love and friendship donate and provide a woman with the opportunity to get ahead. When you make a donation, you provide a woman with a spot on our programs to learn the skills she needs to get a job or set up a business to shine bright and built a better future.



When you donate a full scholarship you will receive this XtraOrdinary bag.

P.S: It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift 😉




Empowered with a job and economic independence, it is the women themselves who can then break the cycles of extreme poverty and domestic violence they live in. In our experience, 95% of the women who graduate from our ‘XtraOrdinary Women’ programme are still employed 5+ years later. They can choose brighter, happier, self-sustaining futures.

Thank you for being part of our XtraOrdinary family!

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