Maria José flipped her odds against poverty and violence.


We believe in giving an opportunity to those who have never had it. We believe in women, and in their eagerness to move their children forward. We believe in sharing knowledge that will serve and last a lifetime. We believe that work dignifies. We believe in soft skills, psycho-social support and art to inspire us.

We know an opportunity has the power to change a woman’s life, and the lives around her. Over the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of XtraOrdinary Women who have shown us the courage it takes to take a chance and the strength they have to make lasting, sustainable change, breaking away from cycles of poverty and violence.



We believe education and work bring sustainable change to the life of an underprivileged woman and the lives around her.


We achieve sustainable change thanks to our deep understanding of de core needs of participants, our closeness to the communities and strategic relations with private sector allies.


We empower women through skill training, phsychosocial support and job placement programs to break the circle of extreme poverty and domestic violence in their lives.

Our Programs

We run cost-free job skill training programmes and bootcamps for entrepreneurs for women living in marginalised areas of our capital city, Managua, Nicaragua. Our courses include a series of milestone commitments.

We assist women on a journey of empowerment to flip their odds. Armed with the tools and skillset they need, it is them that then break the cycle of extreme poverty and domestic violence, in exchange for a brighter, happier, self-sustainable future.


We're empowering

170+ women in 2020

with cost-free training programmes

and employment opportunities.


Our programmes focus on developing much needed soft-skills such as:

Communication skils
Self care
CV building interview practice
Life Planning
Personal finances
Entrepreneurship & innovation

Our XtraOrdinary Team

Andrea Paltzer

Founder and Director

Ana Patricia González

Programme Coordinator

Belinda Barquero


María Silvia Guido

Community organiser & job placement

Natasha Mercado Ortega

Communication & Fundarising

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