We helped Maria José escape a cycle of poverty and violence.

La Chureca is Central America’s largest landfill site.  Over 2,000 vulnerable women call it home.  We give these XtraOrdinary women the skills and mind-set they need to escape their cycle of poverty.

By empowering women with the necessary skills and support, we enable them to transform their, and their children’s lives. We offer free psycho-social support, sustainable training programs, and we facilitate employment opportunities through local partnerships.

The rest is up to them.  


Since 2009 our programs have:

Empowered over 1,600 women

Lifted 7,000 sisters, mothers and children out of poverty

Enabled 95% of graduates to remain in stable employment

What we do

We have created two cost-free programs and a digital recruitment platform which connects graduates with local employment opportunities. These programs give women the tools to escape a cycle of extreme poverty and violence.

Learn more about our programs

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Soft skills for employment success

Preparation for before, during and after the job interview.

Financial planning

Learning to manage my financial resources and eliminate the unnecessary.


How we communicate on a personal level and in workspaces.

Life plan

What goals do I have and how to achieve them.


Learning to know, love and take care of yourself.

Anita's Story

Watch and see how Anita has made a lasting change, and how she has broken away from her cycle of poverty and violence. We empowered Anita with the right opportunity and she changed her life, and the lives around her.


XtraOrdinary Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Defining my business and product offer
Growth plan
How to calculate the cost of my product
Selling on social media
Monitoring and evaluation visits
Budgeting for sustainability
SWOT analysis
Sales targets
Business plan
Elevator pitch

1,000+ women have graduated

95% of graduates secure jobs