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We know an opportunity has the power to change a woman’s life, and the lives around her. Over the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of XtraOrdinary Women who have shown us the courage it takes to take a chance and the strength they have to make lasting, sustainable change, breaking away from cycles of poverty and violence.

So far over 1,000 women have graduated from our programs. Now we want to reach more women, in more countries and we need your support.

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XO Job Skills

Cost $375
3 months of training |
Followed by 3 - 6 months of post graduation support

Skills taught: Email literacy, job search and application training, interview skills, professional conduct and conflict resolution for the workplace.

Resources produced or provided: Completed CV, professional photo, mock interview practice, self esteem workshops, background employment checks and copies of employment certificates (both legal requirements).

Practical support: Psychological support for the individual and family mentoring to ease her transition into work, transport grant, food grant, textbooks, family support textbooks and two family support visits following graduation

Outcome: Graduate finds full time employment to support herself and her family
95% placed in a job within six months

Criteria for participants: Women who are 18-40 years old and are actively looking for employment. The application process also considers if the individual has dependants as well as her home setup

Support post graduation: Job search support is offered at a six month follow up if no employment has been found and Psychological support is offered for the graduate and her family

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XO Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Cost $375 |
3 months of training
Followed by 3 - 6 months of post graduation support

Skills taught: Product cost analysis, financial forecasting, market research, salary structure, product marketing and placement, promotion strategy, online sales and business planning

Resources produced on course: Logo design, promotional materials, professional product images, elevator pitch and business plan

Practical support: Business plan templates to register sales, budgets and costs, recorded seminars, grant for travel or internet credit, business progress evaluation, personalised three month sales plan follow up, two psychologist sessions following graduation, community co-ordinator support session

Outcome: Graduate has a profitable sustainable business that supports her and her family

Criteria for participants: Women over the age of 18 with a business concept. of 18 and to have a solid business concept or product. The application process also considers if the individual has dependants as well as her home setup.

Support post graduation: Two or more sessions with the recruitment co-ordinator or Psychologist , a three month business follow up support session and a six month business health check.

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19 years old | Graduated, 2017 | 3 children

“Before I had no goals. Now with work I have dreams for my family.”

Jahayra only reached the 5th grade of elementary school. Her father, who collected garbage in La Chureca, tha largest landfill in Central America, took her to work with him to generate more income for the house. It was a very violent environment for a girl. She grew aimlessly, not knowing what to do with her life, not knowing she had options.

She became pregnant at age 15 and joined with her partner. It was at this moment that she decided to change her life and for her baby. She looked for the XtraOrdinary Women program because she wanted a job outside of La Chureca. Gradually she gained confidence, honing his skills. At the end of the course, we put her in her first job. She bought a house and is saving so her daughters can study when they reach school age.

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