We know an opportunity has the power to change a woman’s life, and the lives around her. Over the last 10 years we have supported hundreds of XtraOrdinary Women who have shown us the courage it takes to take a chance and the strength they have to make lasting, sustainable change, breaking away from cycles of poverty and violence.

We have over 10 years of experience working with our communities and our businesses partners. This is how we achieve sustainable change; we constantly evaluate and develop to fit the needs of our employment partners and our participants.

We include subjects and soft-skills such as: literacy, communication, self-esteem, team-work, labour orientation, life planning and financial planning.

Developing their social skills, communication skills, career attributes and emotional intelligence enables women to navigate their environment, at home, in their community and at work.

Armed with the knowledge and trained with the relevant skill sets required to perform on the  job, form part of a team, communicate her ideas, it is the women themselves that then break the cycle of extreme poverty and domestic violence, in exchange for a brighter, happier, self-sustainable future.

XtraOrdinary Job Skills Training

Soft skills for employment success

Preparation for before, during and after the job interview.

Financial planning

Learning to manage my financial resources and eliminate the unnecessary.


How we communicate on a personal level and in workspaces.

Life plan

What goals do I have and how to achieve them.


Learning to know, love and take care of yourself.


19 years old | Graduated, 2017 | 3 children

“Before I had no goals. Now with work I have dreams for my family.”

Jahayra only reached the 5th grade of elementary school. Her father, who collected garbage in La Chureca, tha largest landfill in Central America, took her to work with him to generate more income for the house. It was a very violent environment for a girl. She grew aimlessly, not knowing what to do with her life, not knowing she had options.

She became pregnant at age 15 and joined with her partner. It was at this moment that she decided to change her life and for her baby. She looked for the XtraOrdinary Women program because she wanted a job outside of La Chureca. Gradually she gained confidence, honing his skills. At the end of the course, we put her in her first job. She bought a house and is saving so her daughters can study when they reach school age.

Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs

This is a new programme for XtraOrdinary Women, launched in November 2019 aimed at women living in precarious conditions, who have set up small businesses out of necessity. Entrepreneurship presents an alternative for women and young people who cannot effectively enter the labour market.

This programme works with women who have already begun to work from home, most unable to enter the formal labour market as they have dependants in the home who they cannot leave such as children of pre-school age or adult dependants who are not working. They survive with the day- to – day sales from their enterprise, they are extraordinarily innovative but have not yet manage to break out of the cycles of poverty.

Now is the time to help them grow their businesses.  The Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs works with the entrepreneurs to increase their skills and capacity to secure various sources of income and, therefore, be more financially independent.

This bootcamp is a one-month intensive, cosisting of 130 hours of practical classes focused on subjects such as budgeting, sale strategy and business planing.  Upon graduating the course the then receive  a further 3 months of follow up focusing on sales and budgeting as they implement changes in their business.

Defining my business and product offer
Growth plan
How to calculate the cost of my product
Selling on social media
Monitoring and evaluation visits
Budgeting for sustainability
SWOT analysis
Sales targets
Business plan
Elevator pitch

Juana Mayorga

35  years old | Graduated, 2019 |

Juanita is going to bring fresh fruit and vegetables to her community in a pop-up van. Her community, Xiloa, is 3 hours from the nearest market, traveling by foot and bus.

"My community has no electricity and we only get water 3 times a week. We are isolated. I want to change this and build a better future for my family and help my neighbors get good, healthy food. Otherwise, nothing will get better." explains Juanita.
At the Bootcamp for XtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs we are working with Juanita on her cost structure, sales plan, budgeting, and online marketing. She is ready to go!

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