About Us

A bit of our history

In 2009 we met a group of XtraOrdinary women living in La Chureca, Central America’s largest landfill site, and home to 2,000 of the nation’s poorest citizens. These women were stuck in cycles of poverty, and stuck on the mound of rubbish they called home. 

We decided to create a program to train them with the skills they needed to get a job and then we connected them with local employment opportunities. We left the rest up to them.

Our work

In 2014 we won our first national award for social impact and innovation, and in 2015, 2016, and 2017 we continued to be recognized and awarded for our work.

To date we have served over 1,600 women across six districts of the capital city, Managua. We also work in the Central, Atlantic and Pacific regions in Nicaragua and the Central American countries like Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Your support

Thanks to the support we received in 2021, we empowered more than 110 women through our cost-free programs.

In 2022, with the increased socio-economic and health pressures, we have an ambition to help more women. But to lift more women out of poverty, we need your help.


13 years empowering women

7,000 people lifted out of poverty

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