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Janixa was the victim of a machete attack by her partner.

19 years old - Graduated 2017 - 3 children

Abandoned as a baby, Janixa grew up in an orphanage in Ciudad Sandino. She didn't finish elementary school. Age 16 she escaped to La Chureca, the community at the City dump, and began a cycle of extreme poverty. To escape this situation, she entered into a violent and controlling relationship, then, in 2017 Janixa enrolled with XtraOrdinary Women.

While on the course, she began to question her unhealthy relationship and with the psychological support and self-esteem workshops we provided, she managed to become independent.
Now Janixa is in stable employment with our partner, Serviplus, and is an explemary single mother. Janixa has broken her cycle of poverty.


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