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Sweet Dreams Project

free training & tool kits for women to start a sweet business at home


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family members lifted out of poverty


Imagine not having gone to school, because you grew in poverty. Imagine not being able to get a job, or even to be able to read this because of poverty.

Imagine you managed to find a job. The salary is £40 ($50) per month. Imagine making ends meet and supporting your family with that.

Imagine the stress of it all, and no one around you can help you. Because everyone you know is stuck in the same cycle.

But imagine...

if you were given the opportunity to start your own business. Imagine breaking that cycle of poverty and becoming financially independent. Imagine the life you could create for your family if you were given the tools, training, and support to run a business from your home.

Introducing the Sweet Dreams Project coming this November

The Sweet Dreams Project is a life-changing course designed in collaboration between XtraOrdinary Women (XOW), Uplifting Women, and award-winning confectioner Chavita; it will empower women in Nicaragua stuck in cycles of extreme poverty by teaching them how to start their own sweets and candy businesses from home.


Turning dreams

Into reality!

Each Woman You Sponsor to

join the Sweet Dreams Programme will receive:

Bootcamp Training

Receive the XtraOrdinary Women bootcamp training, which will teach them everything they need to know about running a successful business, from calculating their costs and prices, to understanding profit and loss, how to calculate themselves a salary and the basics of marketing products in their communities and online.

Lessons with an Award Winning Chef

Will learn how to bake artisan sweets, with award-winning recipes. They will learn in person with Amy, founder of Chavita, and will take home a recipe book and a starting kit with the ingredients, and tools they need to set up at home.

3 Months of Follow-up Support

Get one-to-one support from XtraOrdinary Women. We are every woman’s cheerleader and we know that training is not enough, training needs to come with personalised support for each woman as she sets up her business. We will provide each woman with 3 months of follow-up support, including home visits, to ensure her business stays on track.

Help More Women like Martha to Flip her Odds!

Marta started selling her candy on buses. She would get up at 3am every day to catch the morning rush hour, hopping on and off buses with her wares. On our Bootcamp we help her establish her online sales and create packages for cafes and individual customers.

Martha | Graduate 2021


Now imagine getting this opportunity before Christmas!

Imagine what it would mean for a woman who is struggling to support her family, to know that she could have a source of income in time for Christmas. With your support, we can make this opportunity a reality. 

We are fundraising to provide 30 women with a Sweet Dreams scholarship this November

This November kickoff aligns with the holiday season to give these women the perfect opportunity to launch their businesses

Sponsor a Full ‘Sweet Dreams’ Scholarship 


With a donation of just

£300 ($365)

you can support one woman with:

-Comprehensive training in confectionery skills
-Essential business management skills.
-A bakery tool kit.
-Personalised 3-month follow-up support.

Your donation can support a woman to turn her life around before Christmas.

Sponsor a Woman HERE

Sponsor a Woman With One-to-one Follow Up


With a donation of just

£200 ($243)

you can support one woman with:


3 months of follow-up support, including home visits, to ensure her business stays on track.
Sponsor a Woman HERE

Donate a Contribution to the Starter Kit


With a donation of just

£25 ($30)

you can support one woman with:

An opportunity to flip her odds and start a business
– A kitchen scale
-A spatula
-ingredients to make the sweets


Sponsor a Woman HERE

Every Donation Makes a Difference!


The impact of smaller donations from

(£5, £10, £15)

($10, $15, $30)

go a long way to supporting a woman

Your contribution helps us provide comprehensive training, business skills, tools, and support. it’s all within reach.
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Imagine Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and becoming Financially Independent

Kelia lost her job at a telecommunications agency due to the 2018 socio-political crisis in Nicaragua and was unable to find another. She loved to bake, so she started selling her cakes.

Kelia | Graduate 2021


A Dreamy Collaboration With

Uplifting Women by MGA

A dynamic organisation dedicated to women’s economic empowerment, Uplifting Women by MGA creates spaces for women to connect, learn, and grow collectively.

Chavita Foods

A thriving business since 2017 specialising in innovative gastronomy, Chavita embraces the Sustainable Development Goal of "Zero Hunger" by partnering with local producers and sourcing high-quality ingredients. They firmly believe in the power of collaboration, sharing knowledge, and improving lives through training and skill transmission.

Please donate today and help make the Sweet Dreams project a reality

for a woman who needs this opportunity to flip her odds

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