Our Team

Our XtraOrdinary Team in Nicaragua

Ana Patricia González

Program Director

We want to see communities with equal opportunities for all. Those who most require support receive it from people who understand the debilitating socio-economic challenges. We work with each woman with a focus on more than just workshops; we provide insight into her emotional state, business and more.

Natasha Ortega


Our mission is to provide opportunities…a chance for women living in situations of risk such as poverty and violence to flip their odds by themselves.Thats why we CARE and build programs to give them an opportunity to transform their lives.I'm proud to be part of the organization, sharing values and mission.

Belinda Barquero


We are committed to continuing to support thousand of XtraOrdinary Women in Nicaragua with our Job Skills and Bootcamp Programs. We want to help them flip their odds and reach economical independence for themselves and their families.

XtraOrdinary Ambassadors

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Board of Trustees

Andrea Samantha Paltzer

In order to build an equitable world for all we need to start by leveling the playing field and foster a society that thrives on inclusivity. I founded XOW grounded in this commitment. The courage and determination displayed by the women who participate in our program are my greatest source of inspiration. They break down the barriers and make change happen, we’re their cheerleaders and they fuel our relentless efforts. XtraOrdinary Women’s vision extends beyond Nicaragua, aiming to expand across Central America and wherever it’s needed.

Ria Carter- Mayers

I am an experienced fundraiser who is passionate about addressing inequality in society. I believe wholeheartedly in equal opportunity and feel privileged to be a Trustee of such an impactful ad transformational charity that effects generational change. Our personalised courses and program delivery by local women for local women, are what makes our programs so life changing- 95% of our graduates are lifted out of extreme poverty and violence and remain in stable employment five years on. The results speak for themselves.

Alex Bottenheim

“I am honoured to serve as a Trustee for XtraOrdinary Women, a remarkable charity dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women to achieve financial and emotional independence. Having worked in the wealth management industry for over a decade, I am excited to support XtraOrdinary Women in its mission. Its programmes have already demonstrated their lasting impact on the lives of not only the women that partake in them, but also on their families and the communities around them. I am thrilled to be working with the trustees to build partnerships with more international foundations and businesses who support XtraOrdinary Women’s mission, as we continue to build on our programmes to increase their impact in the communities and broader society.”

Ex - Staff (Nicaragua)

Sinead Armitage
Maria Silvia Guido
Meyling Cruz
Danila Aguirre
Silvia Mendez
Adela del Carmen Calderon Espinoza


Sophie Argles
Charlotte Fox
Marianne Paltzer
Carmen Romero
Andrea Marmalejo
Nora Lankes

XO Volunteers Around the Globe

Matilda Crowfoot – UK / NI
Tasmin Walton – UK / NI
Maria Lopez – NI
Rocio Vazquez Lamela – ESP / NI
David Tootill – D /NI
Millie Flores – NI (CC)
Dayra Balladares – NI (CC)
Lalie Jacout – UK / NI
Kamran Roxx – UK / NI
Jamie Hazeel – UK / NI
Annabel Zedda James – UK
Will Morgan – UK
Katherine Estrada – NI
Alicia Rizo – NI
Teresa Alonso – ESP / NI
Alessandra Yout – UK
Zoe Henry – FR / NI
Emma Barriquand – FR / NI
Ariquel Payne – USA / NI
Elvan Yilmatzata – UK
Edward Major – UK / NI
Lara Alsabti – UK
Mariu Lacayo – NI (CC / EEP)
Chale Guadamuz – NI
Giselle Vivas- NI
Conchita Garcia – NI
Alejanda Canales – NI
Patrik Appelquist – NI / N
Natacha Chamoot – Rossi – NI
Roger Hernandez – NI
Cedric Edwards – UK / NI
Loren Taylor – UK
Lucy Beaumont – UK
Marta Maria Guajardo – NI / ESP (CC)
Monica Gomez – ESP / NI (CC)
Esther Winslow – UK