In Central America,

only 43% of women have access to vocational training, compared to 57% of men.

This limits their ability to acquire the skills necessary for high-demand occupations and pursue careers in non-traditional fields. This lack of access to training and job opportunities contributes to the high rates of female unemployment and economic inequality in the region.

We support women every step of the way!

We believe having a job provides independence and dignity. These is how we support them post-graduation from our XO Job Skills Training programme


They join the Job Skills Training Programme

All the beneficiaries come from different marginalised sectors of the capital of Nicaragua and difficult home environments. During the programme, the participants studied topics focused on finding a job to achieve their long-awaited economic independence that our XtraOrdinary women dream of. They learned about communication, self-esteem, job orientation, financial planning, and life planning.

They Learn Core Skills For a Successfull Job Placement

Email literacy, tech skills for job search and application training, interview skills and professional conduct for the workplace.

We Connect Them With Job Opportunities

Once they graduate,we provide them with personalized post-workshop monitoring and follow-up, as well as advice on searching and applying for job vacancies.

Empower women with the opportunity to change their life

95% of Graduates Remain in Stable Jobs!

Fátima S.

Fatima has a job and sends her three children to school!

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Katiuska A.

Thanks to her work as a barista, she built her own house for herself, her husband and daughter.

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Jahaira H,

Her three children now have a roof over their heads and she never stops smiling

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She proudly sends her son to school and owns her own home.

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She began to acquire new knowledge, build on her self-esteem and develop her skill sets

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Jessy M.

Jessy learned how to build herself a small yet profitable business selling second-hand clothes.

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Claudia L,

"Thanks to XOW I got a job and I'm healing mentally"

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She is mum to 4 kids and, is sending them all to school!

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Working Fields

Customer Service


Household cleaning

Equipment maintenance

Beauty and styling